Welcome to the first post for the Junior School Term 2 2014. We are glad you are here! Our teachers are:

  • Kim Jensen/Gail Wood-Keating Year 0/1  Room 16
  • Rachel McKay Year 1/2  Room 17
  • Corrina Dibley Year 2/3 Room 18

Term 2 2014 Our topic of integrated study this term is: The Gift Our key questions are: What is a gift? What makes a gift special? How can we make and present a gift? We have been sharing stories about gifts… Isn’t it good to give and receive? Some gifts are not monetary; we don’t need to go to the shop to purchase them. Early in the term we will enjoy the welcome at Maketu Marae. There we will share the gift of story telling; through the art works and stories we are told. We will also walk through a little bit of history and make our way along to the landmark site of the canoe landing. Our history is a precious gift that is shared from generation to generation. Our technology study involves investigating card making and packaging. We plan to visit Comvita later this term to see local industry, view how packaging sells product in the gift shop and follow on from our BEE study last term…. You will find the honey bee buzzing along throughout our units this term…. in our multi-media art works you may just find a small clay bee passing by….. Cross country, Perceptual Motor Programme and Jump Jam are all on the go this term as part of the Physical Education Programme. The handwriting competition will come around fairly smartly and we will all try our best to present our best possible handwriting sample. It is a very busy term. Thank you to all those parents, grandparents and family members who support our school. Keep an eye on this page as we become more confident adding pictures and stories of our time at school.


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