Room 7


2 thoughts on “Room 7

  1. Hi Room 7!
    We are your Writing Buddy Class for Get NZ Writing!
    We are Room 6 at Rutherford Primary School in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland.
    Have you started your poem or postcards yet? We’re starting today!
    They are going to be collected from our school office from this Friday so we need to get going on it!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Have a great week
    Room 6 Rutherford Primary

  2. Hello Room 7!
    We are reading your postcards and poems this morning, they are awesome! We are going to reply and send by post some things we will do for you! Keep an eye on the mail!

    Some news from us this week!

    Gordon came 3rd representing our school in the regional Soap Box Derby and is competing in the Nationals this Sunday at Whangaparoa.

    Jack came 3rd in his Judo Fun Day last Sunday as well.

    Huntyr played League on Saturday against Northcote Tigers.

    Our school had a Gala on Saturday, it was a great day with lots of activities and stalls.

    Sa played Basketball on Sunday for the Waitakere WWABI team.

    Aura, Bethlehem, Hayley, Eden, Marwa and Shikaya are having Netball practice for the Saturday competition starting after the term holidays.

    We are going to Camp next week! It is The Peter Snell Youth Village at Whangaparoa. We will be doing; archery, rifle shooting, masterchef challenge, hobo stoves, initiative course, bivouac building, orienteering, beach exploration, water slides and having a Talent Show. We are also doing a Burma Trail one night. We leave on Monday and come back on Thursday ready for the holidays!!

    Please let us know what you are doing! You can email us on Mrs Plowman’s address;

    Hope we hear from you soon
    Room 6
    Rutherford Primary School

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