Second Home

Pongakawa is very much a family orientated school and it is our belief that coming here should feel just like coming home or put another way your child’s home away from home. Our every day philosophies, values, programmes and life in general come from this belief. The Second Home phrase is lifted directly from our school song (yes we have one of those too)  which states;

Pongakawa School, second home within you I have grown.

Pongakawa is not seen as a 9 to 5 sort of place and for those here it is a real lifestyle choice. Teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, community and students all working together to ensure our children become highly successful motivated  leaders who are ready to move confidently in an ever changing world.

Put simply, Pongakawa exists for the kids!

Over the coming months we will place further information  about the Second Home Philosophy on the site for you to consider and think about. We will include examples of how this works in our school as well as feedback from those who have been a part of it. Additionally this page will provide the links to our future directions in what is a very unique way of learning. Feel free to come and view us in action!

A PowerPoint Presentation will shortly be available as a free download. This unpacks in greater detail not only the second home philosophy but almost a virtual A – Z of how life works at Pongakawa.


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